Orbitrap Elite w/ETD

Orbitrap Elite w/ETD
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Manufacturer:  Thermo Scientific

Refurbished Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Elite high performance hybrid mass spectrometer combining the next-generation high-field Orbitrap analyzer with the latest dual pressure linear ion trap.  The system is complete with ETD (electron transfer dissociation), HESI probe, APCI probe, TF900 chiller, vacuum pump, Powervar power conditioner, and Xcalibur PC workstation. OPTIONAL: Dionex Ultimate 3000RS and Nano pumps, autosamplers, variable wavelength and diode array detectors, Thermo Easy Nano LC II Nano LC & Nanospray flex ion source.

Resolution: 60,000 at m/z 400 at a scan rate of 4Hz, min. resolution 15,000, max. resolution >240,000 at m/z 400.

Mass Accuracy: <3ppm RMS with external calibration <1ppm RMS using internal calibration

Mass Range: m/z 50-2000 m/z 200-4000.

Please contact us for complete refurbished/used Thermo Orbitrap Elite mass spectrometer system, warranty and service contract details.