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Manufacturer:  Parker

Data Sheet: Parker NitroFlowLab Data Sheet.pdf

Refurbished Parker NitroFlowLab Nitrogen Gas Generator. The Parker Balston NitroFlow Lab is a self contained generator that produces up to 32 lpm of pure LC/MS grade nitrogen at pressures up to 8 bar. Nitrogen is produced by utilising a combination of compressor and membrane separation technologies. High and low pressure compressors are carefully matched to the hollow fibre membranes to ensure a quiet and reliable operation. Oil free compressed air is passed through the unique proprietary hollow fibre membranes which separate the air into a concentrated nitrogen stream. Typical applications include LC/MS, LC/MS/MS, nebuliser gases for APCI and ESI, ELSD, Turbo Vaps and chemical solvent evaporation. The NitroFlow Lab has been tried and tested by all the major LC/MS manufacturers. Please contact us for Parker nitrogen generator details. (3868- Nitroflow Lab)