PE Sciex ABI/API 100

PE Sciex ABI/API 100
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Manufacturer:  Applied Biosystems

Data Sheet: API 100 Data Sheet.pdf

Applied Biosystems/PE Sciex API 100 LC/MS is a high performance bench-top single quadruple mass spectrometer. The second generation single quad was a direct copy of the API 300 including the vacuum chamber. The Sciex API-100 electrospray ionization mass spectrometer is suited to the analysis of whole proteins and modifications to them. The vacuum is based on turbo-molecular pumps (the vacuum pumps L-H 50 and 361) but a hole was place in the middle of the chamber to accommodate the single quad location for the CEM. It has a scan range of 30 to 3000 amu. It is also available with a Macintosh operating system.

* Characterization of protein and peptide structures including glycolsylation, phosphorylation and sequence
* Protein identification using database searches
* Verification of saple homogeneity prior to Edman sequence analysis
* Identification of post-translational modifications
* Monitoring of digestion or chemical cleavage experiments
* Confirmation of Edman sequencing results
* Characterization of synthetic samples
* Verification of post-synthesis modifications
* Accurate molecular weights of intact proteins and peptides

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