PE Sciex ABI/API 165

PE Sciex ABI/API 165
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Manufacturer:  Sciex

Refurbished PE/ABI/Sciex API 165 LC/MS system complete with turbo ion spray source, external roughing pump, and Analyst 1.4.2 PC workstation. Please contact us for complete system, warranty and service contract details. 

The API 165 LC/MS System is the most rugged and reliable single quadrupole LC/MS system available. Mass Range 59-3000 amu. It delivers superior performance for your most demanding applications, characterization of pharmaceutical compounds in lead discovery and optimization, identification of pharmaceutical impurities and degradation products, quantitative and qualitative research studies for drug discovery, and analysis of proteins and peptides. The API 165 system with Analyst Software provides single-point system control of a variety of LC pumps and LC peripheral devices. The powerful software and dependable hardware together provide a total solution for qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Key Features
* Robust ion sources and proven Curtain Gas interface technology ensure unmatched ruggedness and reliability.
* Easy-to-use MS system designed for the chromotographer as simple to connect as a UV detector.
* Application-specific system configurations provide solutions for your lab.
* Compact, benchtop design takes up less space in your lab.
* Windows NT® platform-based Analyst software allows you faster access to information for drug disco very and development.