Pain Management Mass Spec

Pain Management Mass Spec
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Manufacturer:  Thermo

Pain Management LC/MS/MS Systems from IET

We have Pain Management LC/MS/MS systems for the highest sensitivity and specificity testing to provide urine drug testing for common drugs, confirmation of prescribed drugs, and the detection of non-prescribed drugs. Custom mass spectrometer options are available from all of the major manufacturers such as AB Sciex, Thermo, Waters, Agilent and Shimadzu paired with HPLC or UPLC systems. Installation, service contracts and leasing are available. Please see below for a sample of some of the configurations we can offer you.

*Refurbished Thermo Quantum Ultra & Thermo Accela
*Refurbished Thermo TSQ Vantage & Thermo Accela
*Refurbished AB Sciex API 4000 & Shimazdu UPLC
*Refurbished AB Sciex API 3000 & Agilent HPLC