Quantum Classic

Quantum Classic
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Manufacturer:  Thermo

Refurbished Thermo TSQ Quantum Classic (TSQ-20000) LC/MS/MS System complete high performance API inlet with ESI probe, Pentium IV PC, 19" LCD monitor, HP2300 Laserjet printer, Xcalibur 2.0 software, Windows XP Professional and manuals. Optional: Xcalibur 2.2 with Windows 7 PC workstation, Surveyor MS pump, Surveyor autosampler and other LC configurations. 

System Specifications
* 30-1500 amu
* 2000 amu/sec scan speed
* 195 kHz digital sampling rate
* Embedded microprocessor incorporating real time OS for multitasking and high level data dependency capabilities.

The TSQ Quantum, a high performance, benchtop mass spectrometer, is the instrument for your most demanding quantitative assays and a wide array of other applications. It incorporates novel technology for increased sensitivity, precision, ruggedness, and reliability, with revolutionary mass-revolving power that challenges high-resolution TOF analyzers. The TSQ Quantum is the only system that utilizes HyperQuad technology- true hyperbolic quadrupole structures that enable high-resolution scans without signal loss. Through the use of state-of-the-art quadrupoles and electronics, the TSQ Quantum is capable of accurate mass measurements.

The advanced new source technology combines with square quadrupole ion guides to ensure superior transmission between analytical quadrupoles. A revolutionary 90-degree square quadrupole collision cell prevents the transmission of unwanted species to the detector and greatly reduces the footprint of the instrument. The TSQ Quantum's ultra-high sensitivity, low noise detection system includes a 15 kv off-axis conversion dynode and election multiplier providing wide dynamic range performance. Please contact us for complete Thermo TSQ Quantum Classic/ESI bundle LC/MS/MS, warranty and service contract details.