Quattro Ultima Parts

Quattro Ultima Parts
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Manufacturer:  Waters


188513E-01L National PCI- GPIB Board 

C76986-001 MIC GT DESX  top Adapter Board 

015003844 Edwards FL20K Foreline Trap 

1340124 Micromass 2 AMP Anti Surge Fuse 

1340126 Micromass 5 AMP Anti Surge Fuse 

1340146 Micromass 6.3 AMP Anti Surge Fuse 

1340169 Micromass 10 AMP Surge Fuse

140170 Micromass 4 AMP Surge Fuse

20117 Septum Puller

209815-001 Adapter Comm, DVI- to VGA

415000106 Union, Peek 

5010016-S WET & Dry

5331005 Micromass M3 A2 Form A Flat Washer 

5313008 Micromass M6X20 A2 SKT Cap Screw 

5331014 Micromass M2 A2 Form A Flat Washer 

5313125 Micromass M4 X 30 A2 SKT Cap Screw 

531019 Micromass M2 A2 Hexagon Full Nuts 

536036 Micromass M2X2 ST/ST Slotted Grub screw 

5560016 Micromass Micro Interdental Brush 

5711073 Micromass BS008 Black Viton O Ring 

5711266 O Ring (AS 016) Viton

5711130 O Ring Viton BS039

5711241 O Ring Viton AS 032

5700312 Micromass BS035 PTFE ENCAP O Ring 

5711961 O Ring Viton 9.00 X 1.00C/S

5711967 O Ring Viton AS214

5711975-S O Ring Viton 6.0 X 0

5711978-S O Ring Viton (AS 021) 

5711156 Micromass BS025 Vito O Ring

5711942 Micromass 206 mm X 1.9 mm Viton O Ring 

5711979 Micromass 42.00mm X 1.50mm Viton O Ring 

5871029 Micromass 1.5mm A/F Allen Key 

6028630 Micromass Ceramic Capillary Cultter 

6060732 Micromass 6mmX 4mm TeflonTube 

6060733 Micromass 4mmX 2.5mm Teflon Tube 

6060733-S Micromass 4mm O/D X 2.5mmI.D Teflon Tube 

6070755 Edwards Activated Alumina 200G

6060808 Micromass Rheodyne Nut

6060809 Micromass Rheodyne  Ferrule

6070512 Micromass 6mm X ¼”  Straight Male Adapter 

6366303 Micromass 00Stainless Hose Cup 

6436004 Micromass Peek Tube 1/16”X 0.007

6490512-S1 Tube Fuse Silica 375X75 1M

700001056 O Ring Viton

700000296 PTFE Line Tube M955089AD1

700000310 Water Cone Z-Say Sample 

700000346 Insulator Extraction Cone PLCZ

700000347 Kit Thermal Fuse 

700000353 O Ring Viton (AS 025)

700000355 O Ring Viton

700000456 O Ring Viton (AS 129)

700000472 Port Peek Rheodyne INJ, LCZ/ ZMD

700000456 O Ring Viton AS129

700000571 LCZ/ZMD LAPPING Film

700000868 Screw. M2 X 5mm CH HD 

700000540 Tube Line ISS03 (Normal Flow)

700000898 Heater Ion Block Cartridge, New ZMD 

700000900 O Ring Viton  9.00X 1.00 c/s 

700000901 O Ring Extraction Lens ezmd

700000902 O Ring 6.11 DX 1.6 Kalrez EZMD

700000903 O Ring (AS 007) Kalrez EZMD 

700000907 Plug, Ion Block Seal EZMD

700000968 O Ring AP ci- ESI Coupling 

700000969 Sleeve ESI Conductive

700000110 O Ring Viton AS 032 

7000001041 Seal Cone Gas Nozzle

700001056 O Ring  42ID X 1.5 C/S Viton

700001192 O Ring AS035 Viton, PTFE end Cap

700001195 Screws

7991407TU Filter 120mm FP 120 RS 1845141

7991403-S Fan Filter RS 184-5135

7991436 Micromass 80mm SQ Fan Filter 

T301242 Air Filter FOAM 20PPI

M955090AD1 Micromass Liner Tube P.T.F.E 1/16” X0.010”X20mm

M955714AD1 Condutive Sleeve 

M955622AD1 SEAL ISS01

M956079DC2 APCI Probe Spares Kit 

M95639BD1-S Cone Sample ISS02

7226661 Supelco Tubing 

N927011A Cable 

E108998 Cable 

N321662A/03 Cable 

E164469 Internet Cable  

E233629 IEE-488 GPIB Cable 

E126368 Special Cable 220