SCIEX 5500 QTRAP with Selexion

SCIEX 5500 QTRAP with Selexion
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Manufacturer:  Sciex

Refurbished Sciex 5500 QTRAP LC/MS/MSn mass spectrometer complete with Sciex SelexION option (p/n 501258), Turbo V-Source with ESI Probe, MS40+ Vacuum Pump with hose, custom bench on wheels, and Windows 7 Analyst 1.6.2 PC workstation. Also including Refurbished Shimadzu Nexera X2 UHPLC complete with Nexera X2 SIL-30AC autosampler, (2) Nexera X2 LC-30AD pumps, CBM-20A communications module, and Nexera X2 CTO-30A column oven. The Sciex SelexION device for differential ion mobility spectrometry (DMS) delivers highly-selective, robust and powerful ion separation that significantly enhances your quantitative and qualitative performance. Designed to be simple to install without the need to break vacuum on your mass spectrometer, and compatible with UHPLC timescales, this separation device can help you address your biggest analytical challenges.

OPTIONAL: Custom bench on wheels, Nanospray II Source, APCI probe, Nitrogen Generator. Please contact us for complete used/refurbished Q-TRAP 5500 system, warranty and service contract details. (AB/Sciex 5500 mass spec)