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Thermo Scientific

Data Sheet: LTQ FT Data Sheet.pdf

Refurbished Thermo Finnigan LTQ-FT mass spectrometer (p/n 2066940-E0) complete with Oxford 7T FT-ICR (p/n AJH0280 59-A30085 1150740), ESI probe with housing, Edwards E2M30 pumps, Pfeiffer Duo 25 pump, Windows XP PC workstation, HP Laserjet Printer 2300d, Dell 19" LCD monitor, Xcalibur 2.0 software with license, LTQ-FT 2.5 instrument software and manuals. OPTIONAL: ECD, Nano Spray source, Michrom Bioresources CaptiveSpray ion source (p/n SS2/00003/00) (Thermo CS, LTQ XL, FT, Orbitrap), & XCalibur 2.2 with Windows 7. 

* Resolution to 100000
* Mass Accuracy 1-2 ppm with internal standard
* Mass Accuracy <1 ppm Sim mode
* Electron Capture Dissociation Capable

* High accuracy molecular weight determination
* Top down protein microsequencing and identification
* Bottom up protein microsequencing and identification

The LTQ-FT is capable of simutaneous high resolution, mass accuracy, and sensitivity over one mass decade (e.g. m/z 200 - m/z 2000). It has a fast data acquisition rate (1 second repetition rate) with very high resolution (100,000 at m/z 400). The mass accuracy is better than 2 ppm with external calibration. Sensitivity is sub fmol on-column in LC/MS. It is cabable of simultaeous full scan FT MS, data dependent zoom scan, and MS/MS scans.

OPTIONAL: nanoESI sources (including static, dynamic, and packed tip) with a Pulnix video camera and has the standard Finnigan IonMax API source with the ESI attachment. OPTIONAL: The ICR cell has an Electron Capture Dissociation (ECD) emitter cathode attached to the back of the cell. The ECD method of fragmentation produces c and z ions. This method preserves co- and post-translational modifications (PTMs) such as phosporalation, O- and N-linked glycosalation and sulfation. The LTQ also has Wide Band Activation which allows the simultaneous fragmentation of a parent ion and its corresponding water loss peak by resonance excitation. Please contact us for complete LTQ-FT system, warranty and service contract details. (LTQ FT/LTQFT/LTQ-FT/Fourier-transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometer)