TSQ 70/700 Boards

TSQ 70/700 Boards
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Manufacturer:  Thermo Finnigan

Thermo TSQ 70/700 boards
*Complete TSQ 70 mass spectrometer for parts (p/n 00301-11682)
*Digital Storage Expansion (available part numbers: SZ12N-XB & SZ12B-HB)
*Digital Declaration 5000/133 (p/n PM32A- CC)
*Finnigan Mat Status and Control Board (p/n 70001-21570)
*Finnigan Mat DC Rod Driver Board (p/n 70001-61060)
*Finnigan ION Volume Exchange Tool with holder (p/n 70001-10051A)
*Finnigan ION Source (available part numbers: 70001-60104 & 70001-60032)
*Elemental PCB (p/n 70001-61160)
*Acquisition boards (p/n 70001-61561)
*TSQ 700 manuals

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