Thermo LTQ parts

Thermo LTQ parts
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Manufacturer:  Thermo Scientific

Thermo LTQ Mass Spectrometer Parts 

*LTQ Analog Board (p/n 97055-61030S)
*LTQ PDA CPU 3.3V (p/n 97055-61010S)
*LTQ Ion max source (p/n 70005-60176)
*LTQ Nano source (p/n Opton 97017)
*LTQ Nanospray manifold
*Hesi probe needle (p/n 70005-60155)
*LTQ APCI probe (p/n Opton-20012)
*LTQ camera (p/n 31012584)
*LTQ osprey video card (p/n 94-00189-01)
*LTQ ESI probe(p/n OPTON-20011)
*LTQ main board (p/n 97055-61020)
*LTQ digital board (p/n 97055-61010)
*LTQ top cover board (p/n 97055-61040)
Please note that if you do not see a part number listed, please contact us as we may have it in-stock.