Triple Quad 4500

Triple Quad 4500
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Manufacturer:  Sciex

​Refurbished Sciex Triple Quad 4500 LC/MS/MS mass spectrometer system (p/n 5020102) complete with turbo V source, turboionspray probe, vacuum pump, custom table, Windows 7 Analyst 1.6.2 PC workstation.

OPTIONAL: APCI probe (p/n 5013600C-ETL), PowerVar UPS (p/n ABCDEF4000-22), PowerVar UPS (p/n ABCE1440-11), NM32LA nitrogen generator with Thomas compressor (p/n 2750TGHI52/48-221). Please contact us for complete used/refurbished Sciex Triple Quad 4500 system, warranty and service contract details. (Sciex 4500 mass spec, API 4500).