Voyager DE PRO

Voyager DE PRO
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Manufacturer:  Applied Biosystems

Data Sheet: DE PRO Data Sheet.pdf

Refurbished ABI Voyager DE-PRO MALDI TOF Biospectrometry Workstation with delayed extraction reflector (PSD) (p/n V888630) including CID Option, Acqiris DP211 digitizer, Applied Biosystems workstation, 17" Dell Flat Panel LCD monitor, Tatung 15" monitor, keyboard, mouse and Voyager software Ver. 5.10.2 with Data Explorer.

The Voyager-DE PRO Biospectrometry Workstation is a benchtop MALDI-TOF mass spectrometer designed to accurately determine molecular weights on subpicomolar quantities of molecules. The system is used for routine non-expert operation and incorporates Delayed Extraction technology for excellent sensitivity, mass accuracy, and resolution.

DE PRO TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS *Resolution Linear: For angiotensin I (m/z 1,296.6853) For myoglobin I (m/z 16,952.5) For BSA (m/z 66,431)

*Mass accuracy, reflector, protein external For E. coli thioredoxin (m/z 11,674.4)

*Mass accuracy, reflector, external |For human ACTH 18-39 (m/z 2,465.1989)

*Mass accuracy linear, external | For angiotensin I (m/z 1,296.6853)

*Mass accuracy linear, internal | For angiotensin I (m/z 1,296.6853)

*Mass accuracy linear, protein external | For horse heart myoglobin (m/z 16,952.5)

*Resolution Reflector | For bovine i. (m/z 5,734) *For E. coli thioredoxin (m/z 11,674.4) *For peptide mixture (m/z range 1,000-4,000) Mass accuracy, reflector, internal | For human ACTH 18-39 (m/z 2,465.1989)

Please contact us for complete refurbished/used mass spectrometer system, warranty and service contract details. (ABI Voyager p/n V800630)