Waters Parts

Waters Parts
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Manufacturer:  Waters

Micromass/Waters PARTS

*Quattro Micro covers

*6 port valve for Waters LC and tubing

*Edwards EXT 255Hi turbomolecular pump (p/n B753-03-000)

*Quattro Micro or ZQ Source Enclosure (p/n 700001130) (MUX Micro)

*Quattro Micro ESI source housing (p/n M945656DC1)

*Edwards EXT70

*2 Waters column ovens

*Micromass 1Ghz TDC card

*Micromass 3.6Ghz TDC card

*Waters ESI probe and probe assy kit (p/n M955015DC6 & WAT 700000289 & p/n 289003857)

*Quattro Micro PM kit

*Waters APCI probe Z-Spray (available part numbers: p/n M955164DC1, M955164DC2, M955015DC1 & M955177BC1)

*Quattro Micro APCI probe (p/n M940150DC1)

*Micromass/Waters source (various models available)

*Micromass pumping block for a Quattro Micro or ZQ UBO353A2 (p/n 700001780)- *new* unused

*Waters 6490512-S1 tube fused silica 375X75 1M mass spectrometer capillary

*Varian V60 Turbo-Vac Molecular Vacuum Pump p/n 9699001

*Waters 700009786

*Waters 700005156

*Waters Synapt nano source

*Waters TQD: 6062821 Waters TQ Detector Dual Channel MFC/Mass Flow Controller

*Waters 4727200DC2 ADC board

*SGT Triple Oxygen Moisture/ Hydrocarbon Trap (p/n CO 1005)

*Waters Degasser Chamber (p/n 289000622)

Please note that if you do not see a part number listed, please contact us as we may have it in-stock.