Waters Synapt G2

Waters Synapt G2
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Refurbished Waters Synapt G2 complete with HDMS ion mobility, ETD, ESI source, pumps and Masslynx 4.1 PC workstation. Please contact us for complete Waters refurbished/used mass spectrometer system, warranty and service contract details.

*All positive ion test are ran with 100fmol Glufibrinopeptide B with a lockspray of 2ng/uL leucine enkephalin.
*Resolution Mode > 65cps (>11,500 resolution FWHH)
*Sensitivity Mode > 130cps
*High Resolution Mode > 6cps (>23,000 resolution FWHH)
*Negative ion mode is run with 500 photos/uL raffinose with 5pmol/uL bovine insulin.
*Resolution Mode >898cps
*Sensitivity Mode >1796cps
*High Resolution Mode >92cps.
*Mass Measurement Accuracy is measured in positive mode using 5ng/uL raffinose with a lockspray of 2ng/uL leucine enkephalin.
*Negative Mass Measurement Accuracy is measured using 5mM sodium formate.
*The passing criteria is <1ppm for both pos and neg.
*The Ion Mobility spec is measured with the reverse peptide solution and we are looking at a corrected difference between the two peak centers(omega) corrected by a horizontal scaling factor(delta omega) measured in angstroms.