Xevo TQD

Xevo TQD
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Manufacturer:  Waters

Data Sheet: Xevo TQD Data Sheet.pdf

Refurbished Waters Xevo TQD mass spectrometer (p/n 186005833) complete with Oerlikon SV-40BI Roughing Pump, MassLynx C30 Workstation with 22” Flat Panel Monitor, keyboard, mouse, and Acquity UPLC Binary Solvent Manager, Acquity UPLC Autosampler, Acquity UPLC Column Manager-Left Inlet. Also, including the following with license: (Biolynx, Chromalynx, Proteinlynx, Quanoptimize, and TargetLynx.) 

OPTIONAL: Refurbished Waters Acquity I-Class UHPLC & Tecan Evo Freedom 100 liquid handling robot. Please contact for complete refurbished and used Waters TQD Detector details. (UPLC/ MS/ MS)