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500 Unity Plus

500 Unity Plus
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Manufacturer:  Varian

Varian Unity Plus 500 MHz NMR system complete with Oxford unshielded 54mm magnet with anti-vibration legs and Varian Unity Plus broadband console including: 

*23 gradient shim set
*3 channel x 3 wave form generators
*PFG upper barrel
*5 mm HCN triple resonance probehead with Zaxis gradient
*PTS 500 dual
*Sun Ultra Sprac Station with VNMR 6.1C
*20 inch color CRT
*Console power supply complete with voltage supervisor
*Differential communications box
*Highland gradient amplifier L600 single axis PFG
*Oxford variable temperature controller
*500MHz preamplifier magnet leg assembly complete with preamplifiers
*All associated cables, filters, and magnet interfaces
Selection of additional probes are available and may be quoted upon request.

Please contact us for complete used and refurbished Varian Unity Plus NMR system, warranty and service contract details (Varian NMR).