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Bruker Avance 500

Bruker Avance 500
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Manufacturer:  Bruker

Data Sheet: Avance Data Sheet.pdf

Unshielded Bruker Avance 500 MHz 3-channel broadband NMR Spectrometer complete with 500 MHz Bruker unshielded magnet with Avance DRX500 console, choice of 1 probe, Topspin PC workstation, New 19" LCD monitor, keyboard and mouse.

Avance DRX/ Two Bay Cabinet Details
*The acquisition control system AQX generates all digital control signals as specified by the user's pulseprogram. The CCU runs as a "diskless UNIX" client and controls TCU, FCU's, RCU and GCU. The TCU controls all timings and pulses. The FCU's generate RF phases, frequencies, and control the RF amplitudes and modulation. Amplified, demodulated and digitized NMR signals are fed to the RCU which performs real time digital filtering. The optional GCU generates the gradient shapes for GRASP experiments.

*The acquisition rack AQR contains all the RF/AF components for signal routing, transmitting and receiving purposes. The NMR signal is mixed down from RF frequency by the RX22 to audio frequency and then digitized by the ADC. The local oscillator frequency is derived from the LOT module. The RF frequencies are shaped by the ASU's, and routed to the appropriate RF transmitters. The RF transmitters are controlled by the ACB module. Routing and output power information is displayed on the BSMS keyboard.

*The excitation signal for each channel is generated by combination of the appropriate FCU and synthesizer.

RF Transmitter:
*The linear RF transmitters generate both pulsed and CW frequencies for each channel with appropriate amplitudes.

*The BSMS unit provides NMR sample control (SLCB), shim (SCB) and H0 current (LCB) control, houses the digital lock (LTX, LRX) and the optional gradient amplifier (GAB).

HPPR preamplifier module:
*The HPPR amplifies, filters and routes the NMR response signals from the probehead to the RX22 receiver. It switches the RF transmitter output to the probehead. Please contact us for complete Bruker DRX500 refurbished/used nmr spectrometer system, warranty and service contract details (Bruker NMR/Bruker DRX 500).