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Gemini 400

Gemini 400
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Manufacturer:  Varian

Varian Gemini 400 MHz NMR console. Parts available as well: 100KHZ STM BD Board (p/n 966948), Varian VME 16-BIT ADC Board (p/n 991554), Varian Auto Spin 87-177739 Board (p/n 966206), Varian
Gemini 400 U- Pulse Controller Board (p/n 966210), Varian Gemini 400 Serial Board (01902373), Master Clock Board 87-195807 (p/n 991762). Please contact us for complete Varian Gemini 400 MHZ NMR refurbished/used nmr spectrometer system, warranty and service contract details (Varian NMR).