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NMR Autosampler

NMR Autosampler
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Manufacturer:  Varian

Refurbished Varian carousel 9 position nmr autosampler with installation manual. (p/n A007255 & 0027791) 

The carousel autosampler is a pneumatically-actuated, microprocessor-controlled device designed to automatically insert and retrieve samples from the bore of the magnet. The carousel autosampler provides automatic, unattended operation and can handle from 1 to 9 samples. The carousel mouns on the driver, which clamps to the top of the upper barrel. Since the carousel autosampler uses no stepper motors, it is compatible with all magnetic field strengths. The carousel part of the autosampler consists of nine barrels or tubes that accomodate 5mm or 10mm sample tubes in 1.11 inch O.D. turbines. A sample change cycle takes about 35 seconds to complete.

The Varian nmr autosampler works with the Unity Inova, Unity plus, Gemini 2000, Unity, VXR, Gemini and automated XL spectrometers using the following superconducting magnets: Varian 200/51, Varian 300/51, Oxford 200/54, Oxford 200/89, Oxford 300/54, Oxford 400/54, Oxford 400/89, Oxford 500/51, Oxford 600/51, and Oxford 750/51. Please contact us for complete used and refurbished Varian NMR autosampler, warranty and service contract details (Varian NMR).