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Shielded Agilent/Varian VNMRS 600

Shielded Agilent/Varian VNMRS 600
Manufacturer: Varian


Shielded Agilent/Varian VNMRS 600 MHz NMR spectrometer complete with Varian 54mm premium shielded high performance magnet (p/n 600-54-ASP), 2-channel Agilent VNMR liquids/solids console, Gilson sample delivery system (Gilson 215, valve mate, Gilson 155 UV-VIS, Gilson 334 pump, Gilson 333 pump, Gilson 845 injector module), solids accessory, liquids application module, Performa IV PFG module, preconditioning VT, multiple probes, SMS autosampler (p/n 47614/13 & 47613/05), anti-vibration legs, and VNMRJ PC workstation. PROBE OPTIONS: Varian 600 GHX Nano probe (p/n 0190192901) (s/n P009055), Varian 600MHZ 5mm auto X DB PFG VT (13C, 31P, 15N) NMR probe (p/n 0191517200) (s/n MR0803P006),& Varian M.R.M V600-II- 075F-05E-1H-13C-2H-T1HM-TM13C CAP NMR Probe (s/n 1031300).


Please contact us for complete Varian 600 refurbished/used nmr spectrometer system, warranty and service contract details (Varian NMR shielded 600/Varian 600/Agilent VNMR console).
(Frequency Synthesizer (p/n 0191538001), Herley AMT (p/n 3900B-1S7), Gradient Driver L650 (p/n 26A650.0B), shim power supply (p/n 0191436603), ref gen II (p/n 0191163600), LOCK XCVR (p/n 0099245600), XMTR-BFPS (p/n 0191445801), ATTEN/SW (p/n 0099219406), Clack Distribution Unit (p/n V074442), Highland Technology L950 temperature controller (p/n 0196509603), automated MAS controller, RT Shim, RF Front End, Pneumatics Router, FTS Systems Air-Jet XR II 851 (p/n XRII851A01), FTS Systems Air-Jet TC-84 (p/n XRTCA-0), Varian upper barrel (p/n 191467500)

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