Agilent DCI Probe

Agilent DCI Probe
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Manufacturer:  SIS

Agilent DCI Probe with PC-3/PC3 power supply. The S.I.S. DEP/DCI probe is designed for use on the HP5989 mass spectrometer as well as other HP instruments which use a ½ inch probe inlet. The DCI probe utilizes a replaceable filament wire at the end of the probe which serves to both hold the sample and heat the sample. In this technique a current is supplied to the filament wire which directly heats the sample. A variety of different filament styles are available. The temperature of the sample is not monitored, however the temperature can be controlled by limiting the value of the current supplied to the filament. The probe tip filaments simply plug in for easy replacement by the user. The probe comes with the valve and fittings necessary for introduction of the CI reagent gas through the probe. Cooling of the probe is not necessary since the probe shaft never gets hot. 

The Scientific Instrument Services Model PC-3 power supply is designed for use with the S.I.S. DCI probe. This user friendly controller allows the controlled ramping of current supplied to the probe tip filament. An LCD display shows all necessary parameters and the current status of the probe. The controller includes a remote start switch and cable which remotely starts the mass spectrometer data system. Please contact us for complete mass spec probe details.