Harvard 22

Harvard 22
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Manufacturer:  Harvard

Data Sheet: Harvard 22 Data Sheet.pdf

Refurbished Harvard Apparatus Model 22 Syringe Pump. (p/n 55-2222, 2400-001, 22) The Harvard Apparatus 22 syringe pump is the pump that set the industry standard! It is the world's most popular syringe pump.

* Syringes Size 0.5µL-140mL
* Flow Rate 0.002 µL/hr-55.1 mL/min
* Accuracy 1%
* Reproducibility 0.1%
* RS-232 computer interface, TTL

Versions of the pump 22 for 4 microliter syringes, a 10 syringe rack and a syringe rack for 1 to 4, 140 ml syringes are available. An anti-siphon model is also available for infusion applications where the line pressure is lower than the syringe pressure. The anti-siphon bracket securely retains the syringe plunger to prevent unintended loss of fluid from the syringe.

This pump features an LED display and numerical keypad for easy entry of syringe diameter data and flow rates. Flow rate units can be set in µl/hr, µl/min, ml/hr and ml/min. An optical encoder monitors lead screw rotation to accurately maintain any flow rate. The run LED flashes when syringe plunger movement stops unexpectedly. A complete line of accessories for the Pump 22 are available including an interface box to make the connection of multiple accessories to a single pump fast and easy.

The pump 22 can be controlled using RS-232 (serial) commands. An interface box and computer connector are required. See syringe pump accessoreis for a complete list of pump accessories. Multiple syringe pumps can be interconnected by daisy chaining pumps. Up to 100 pumps can be addressed independently using internal reference addresses from 0 to 99. A set of sample programs, using the Basic programming language, is included with each pump. Please contact us for complete Harvard 22 syringe pump details.