VWR Labmax Dispenser

VWR Labmax Dispenser
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VWR Labmax Basic Bottle-Top Dispenser (p/n 40000-070). Neck size: 45mm. Increments: 2mL. Volume: 20–100 mL. Dispensers have a unique direct displacement piston system that is chemical-resistant and provides safe, smooth dispensing. Units are designed with a unique air purging system that prevents loss of reagents and eliminates dripping or splashing of media. An exclusive reagent guard valve prohibits accidental discharge and eliminates the need for capping the discharge tube when the dispenser is not in use. The volume adjustment knob allows quick and easy setting, and locks the volume into place. The discharge tube can be turned on a 360° swivel, allowing convenient dispensing and safe positioning over the reagent label. Please contact us for complete VWR Labmax dispenser details.