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Manufacturer:  Shimadzu

Data Sheet: BioSpec 1601 Data Sheet.pdf

Shimadzu BioSpec 1601 (cat no 206-67001-92) DNA/Protein/Enzyme Analyzer complete with UVPC personal spectroscopy software v. 3.9 (p/n 220-92235-23), UVPC software instruction manual (220-92146-37), Biospec 1601 user's system guide (p/n 206-93164) and Biospec 1601 operation guide (p/n 206-93165). OPTIONAL: Shimadzu Micro Cell Holder and Micro Cells. Shimadzu UVPC Optional Kinetics software rev 2.8 with instruction manual (p/n 220-92165-28).

The BioSpec-1601 incorporates all the fundamental performances and functions required in UV-Vis spectrophotometry: Measurement at a fixed wavelength; Spectrum measurement- The wavelengths are scanned and the spectrum is recorded, which can be processed in many ways; Kinetics- Reaction rates and enzyme activity values are calculated; Quantitation- Quantitation may be performed by the single-wavelength, 2-wavelength, 3-wavelength, or derivative method.

BioSpec 1601 Specifications
*Photometric system Double-beam system
*Baseline stability 0.001 Abs. / hour or better
*Baseline flatness 0.002 Abs.
*Wavelength range 190.0 to 1100.0nm
*Wavelength accuracy 0.5 nm (Automatic wavelength correction)
*Wavelength repeatability 0.1 nm
*Wavelength drive speed About 6000 nm/min. slewing, and about 3200 to 160nm/min. scanning.
*Stray light 0.05% or less at 220.0nm and 340.0nm
*Spectral bandwidth 2 nm
*Photometric range 0.5 to 3.999 Abs. and 0.0 to 300 %T
*Photometric accuracy 0.004 Abs. at 1.0 Abs. and 0.002 Abs. at 0.5 Abs. (Tested with NIST 930D filters)
*Photometric repeatability 0.002 Abs. at 1.0 Abs. and 0.001 Abs. at 0.5 Abs
*Noise level 0.0005 A or less at 500 nm

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