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Refurbished Shimadzu UV 2501PC Spectrophotometer (p/n 206-82302-92) complete with Shimadzu CPS240A 6-position heated sample holder (p/n 204-05837-92) and controller (p/n 204-05837-92). OPTIONAL: PC with UV Probe software. When you can't dilute the sample or reduce the path length, think of the UV-2501PC. The double blazed grating, double monochromator (DDM) in this instrument is just waiting for those samples. Shimadzu has achieved the world's lowest level of stray light and highest energy throughput with this unique design. 

By creating two blaze wavelengths (200nm and 600nm), Shimadzu has overcome the energy loss and sensitivity restrictions usually associated with double monochromator instruments. The face of the grating is actually divided into two unique areas for short and long wavelength measurements. The sodium iodide spectra for the double monochromator UV-2501PC and a single monochromator instrument described below put this information into practical terms.

  • Resolution: 0.1nm
  • Monochromator system:Double monochromator with a high-performance double-blazed holographic grating in the aberration corrected Czerny-Turner mounting.
  • Wavelength range: 190 to 900nm (performance guaranteed range). Extendable to 1,100nm through the use of the optional photomultiplier. (The measurable range may be restricted in the shorter wavelength side depending on the type of photomultiplier used.)
Please contact us for complete Shimadzu 2501 PC system and warranty details.