Wanted: Sorvall WX 100 Ultra

Wanted: Sorvall WX 100 Ultra
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Manufacturer:  Thermo Sorvall

Data Sheet: Sorvall WX 100 Data Sheet.pdf

WANTED: Thermo Sorvall WX Ultra Centrifuge (Sorvall WX 100 Ultra Series Centrifuge) (cat no 46902).

WX Ultra Features
  • 100,000 rpm
  • Delivers optimal RCFs in the shortest possible time, saving precious research hours
  • Maximum RCF : 802,010 x g (T-8100 rotor)
  • Speed Control Accuracy : ±10 rpm (1,000 rpm to maximum speed)
  • Accel/Decel Profile : 10 Accel/11 Decel
  • Set Speed : 1,000 rpm to maximum speed in increments of 100 rpm
  • Temperature Control System : Thermoelectric cooling (CFC-free)

The Sorvall WX Ultra Series floor standing lab centrifuge combines outstanding speed and powerful separation in a quiet, compact design. Featuring excellent ergonomics and energy efficiency, this high-quality laboratory centrifuge delivers set RMP and RCF, programmable memory, intuitive color touch screen and the advanced UltraSecur system for maximum safety and efficiency. The Sorvall WX Laboratory Centrifuge gives you the speed, power, safety and ease of use you need for efficient, high-throughput ultracentrifugation. Key Applications: biochemistry, cell biology, lysate clarification, molecular biology, nanomaterial separations, nucleic acid purification, proteomics and virus concentration. Please contact us with complete used Thermo centrifuge details. (Sorvall WX100/Sorvall WX-100/Ultra Centrifuge)