Wanted: Varian 3380 GC

Wanted: Varian 3380 GC
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Manufacturer:  Varian

WANTED: Varian 3380 Gas Chromatograph The 3380 GC is a single or dual channel, fixed configuration GC based on the revolutionary CP-3800 GC with an affordable price. It uses the same high performance injector and detector hardware as for the CP-3800 GC. It is fully functional as a standalone GC or controlled through the Varian Star Workstation or the Galaxie Chromatography Data System. The 3380 GC is available in twelve configurations, all with manual pneumatics:

Single Channel
1177 injector and FID
1177 injector and ECD
1041 injector and FID
1041 injector and TCD

Dual Channel
1177/1177 injector and FID/FID
1177/1177 injector and FID/ECD
1177/1041 injector and FID/FID
1177/1041 injector and FID/TCD
1177/1041 injector and FID/ECD
1041/1041 injector and FID/FID
1041/1041 injector and TCD/TCD
1041/1041 injector and FID/TCD

Optional gas sampling valve or liquid sampling valve can be added to the configuration. In addition, the 3380 GC can be automated with the full line of Varian autosamplers. Please contact us with complete Varian 3800/3380 system, warranty and service contract details.